Garner Town Planning
The Company is able to assist individual land or property owners, development companies, solicitors, chartered surveying practices, architects and other property related professionals with a range of planning issues.

  • Advice on the options and chances of securing permission for new build, conversion or change of use.
  • Responding to issues raised by the planning authority in relation to an on-going or completed development.
  • Development Plan representations to seek to secure a housing or commercial allocation.
  • Pre-application community consultation exercises.
  • Preparing planning applications and negotiating permissions.
  • Negotiating S106 agreements to address issues such as affordable housing.
  • Planning appeals, by written representation, informal hearing or public inquiry,where permission has been refused.
  • Improving existing permissions by applying for the variation or removal of planning conditions or legal agreements.
  • Community Infrastructure Levy representations including analysis of financial viability assessments and calculation of payments.
  • Responding to enforcement issues raised by the planning authority.
  • District wide analysis to identify potential development opportunities.