Pre-Application Planning Advice

December 1st, 2014 | Posted by Chris Garner in News

Lancaster City Council is to commence charging for pre-application planning advice and has issued a Guidance Note and Schedule of Fees. The fees range from £180 to £800 for residential schemes and comes into effect on 1st December 2014.

Chris Garner advises property owners and developers to proceed with caution. In the context of a planning application all the issues can be explored and the benefits of a scheme fully set out. Telling part of the story and then receiving a negative view from planning officers can be very difficult to turn around at planning application stage.

Planning officers are rarely criticised for proposals that never happen and therefore are naturally inclined to be cautious about confirming in writing support for a proposal. Even where a positive view is taken, any confirmed officer support comes with a without prejudice caveat and means planning officers can and do come to a different view when an application is submitted.

If you wish to discuss any proposed developments, in confidence, please give Chris Garner a call in the first instance.

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