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November 25th, 2015 | Posted by Chris Garner in News

“…Using S106 agreements to fill the gap caused by building too few homes is a zero-sum game. If we don’t build enough homes, raising the proportion available for affordable rent comes at the cost of building even fewer homes to buy- raising prices and leaving even more reliant on renting.

The real answer is to build enough homes to meet all these needs, so more people can afford to buy and fewer people need to rely on social housing.

So is the government right?

It is right that building too few homes and trying to solve the crisis through ever-increasing S106 demands on developers for social housing could never solve the problem. That just leaves the “not poor enough” squeezed out while the very poor and very rich are homed…”

Lord Matthew Taylor of Goss Moor Estates Gazette 21/11/15

Eden District seek 30% affordable housing, South Lakeland 35% and Lancaster 40% on greenfield sites. All have housing completions approximately half their adopted housing policy rates. Keep doing the same thing and generally you will get the same results. Just maybe the high requirements for affordable housing is part of the cause of the current housing crisis and low levels of completions.

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