Agricultural Worker’s Dwelling Appeal Success

March 25th, 2014 | Posted by Chris Garner in News

Garner Planning has secured planning permission for an agricultural worker’s dwelling near Hawkshead in the Lake District National Park.

It was agreed with the planning authority that the farm was financially viable and there was a need for 2 full-time agricultural workers. How an additional worker was to be housed was not agreed and formed the basis of much discussion at the appeal Hearing.

The Inspector concluded that:-

1. the use of the existing holiday cottage on the farm for an agricultural worker’s dwelling would undermine the viability of the core farm business; and
2. the planning authority’s suggestion that the second farm worker should live in the main farmhouse or with an elderly relative was rejected.

The authority’s, rather surprising case, that young farm workers do not require independent living accommodation was firmly rejected by the Inspector. Further, the Inspector made clear that farm diversification is an important part of such enterprises and in the consideration of such applications it is the requirements of the enterprise that is relevant not personal circumstances.

Should you be considering an application for a farm worker’s dwelling or a rural enterprise worker’s dwelling, Chris Garner would be pleased to advise.

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